Seven factors affecting the output of granulator

Granulator is used to develop the wet powder into the required particles, and can also crush the dry material into the required particles. It is more and more widely used in our production and life. So, for users in the production process encountered particle machine output reduction, in fact, there are many factors affecting the output of particle machine, the following is a brief introduction to the seven factors affecting the output of particle machine.

1, oil increase a small number of oil (0.5%~1%), is conducive to reduce the wear of particle machine parts, and make the particles easily through the die hole, increase the production value of granulation. However, when the increase exceeds 2%, it will make the particles loose and difficult to form. Therefore, when increasing the high dose of oil, it is advisable to increase 30% of the total amount in the mixer and 70% of the total amount in the pelletizer.

2, crude fiber appropriate crude fiber content (3%~5%), is conducive to the bonding of granular materials, reduce the powder rate of particles, increase the output value of pelleting, but the crude fiber content beyond 10%, because of poor adhesion and affect the hardness of particles and forming rate, increase mechanical wear, reduce the output value of pelleting.

3, material moisture material moisture content is too high, in the pelleting to reduce steam increase, affect the progress of pelleting temperature, and then affect the output value and quality of granular feed. Together, the moisture of the material is too high, it is difficult to adjust and quench, and the material is easy to slip between the inner wall of the ring die and the press roller, resulting in the blockage of the ring die hole. Usually the moisture content of the material should be below 13% before conditioning.

4, protein material protein content is high, after heating material plasticity, viscosity increase, high production value of granulation. But when the non-protein nitrogen L such as urea is high, the pelleting output value decreases.

5, starch cereal starch content is high, easy to granulation under high temperature, high moisture, output value is also high, at the moment the requirement of water conditioning between 16% to 18%. The tempering temperature should be above 80℃. Otherwise, the degree of starch gelatinization is poor and brittle particles occur, and even can not be formed. If the grain has already matured before conditioning (as in drying corn), the value of pelleting is reduced. Consequently, when purchasing material, it is better not to choose drying.

6, heat sensitive feed lactose, whey powder and other viscosity increases after heating, has increased the output value, but the temperature exceeds 60℃, it is easy to appear coking, blocking die hole, affect the output value of granulation. Therefore, warm water can be used when adjusting and tempering this kind of feed.

7, mineral inorganic feed almost no adhesion. Poor granulation function affects the output value of granulation. Therefore, when the inorganic content is high, usually add a few binder to the material (such as molasses) to improve the granulation function, increase the output value of the granulation machine.

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