What is the function of construction lift?

Construction lifts are commonly referred to as construction lifts, but construction lifts include a broader definition, and construction platforms also belong to the construction lift family. Simple construction elevator by car, drive mechanism, standard section, accessories, chassis, fence, electrical system and other parts, is commonly used in the construction of manned goods construction machinery, with China's production of construction elevator gradually mature, gradually towards the international.

What is the function of construction lift?

Construction lift, also known as construction lift, can be outdoor lift or site lift cage. Commonly used in construction of manned cargo construction machine, mainly used in high-rise building decoration, Bridges, chimneys and other building construction. The unique box structure makes it easy and safe for construction workers to ride. Construction lifts are usually used in conjunction with pylons on the site. General construction lift load is 1-10 tons, with 1-60m/min speed operation. There are many kinds of construction lifts, according to the operation mode: two pairs of weight. According to the control method, it can be divided into manual control and automatic control. Frequency conversion equipment and PLC control module can be added as required, floor calling equipment and layer equipment can also be added.

What are the main features of construction lifts?

High safety factor

Standard section section Murake design to prevent cage from falling off the roof, limit and limit switch, drop safety device installation can ensure the safety of the construction personnel.

Drive system

Reduce the noise in the cage, increase the available space in the cage, at the same time make the transmission more stable, reduce the vibration of the mechanism.

Convenient for multi-purpose use

The traditional construction lifts are equipped with reinforced transport devices and concrete transport devices to transport reinforcement, concrete and construction personnel, greatly improving the construction efficiency. Optional advanced unpaid frequency control system, adjustable unpaid speeds from 0 to 96m/min.

The connection system

Through a variety of attachment systems, it can be used in complex and diverse buildings.

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