Fan common five raw materials


1. Carbon steel, common in general centrifugal fans. Refers to iron carbon alloy steel with carbon content less than 2.11%. The raw material has the characteristics of easy production and low cost, suitable for most normal temperature chemical centrifugal fans, no dust, corrosion resistance.

2 glass fiber reinforced plastic process, that is, people often say glass fiber reinforced plastic process, is generally the common raw material of centrifugal fans. These raw materials have high quality properties that can withstand a wide range of acids and alkali salts. Fiberglass process centrifugal fans are used for various gas treatment in chemical plant processing and manufacturing industry.

3. Stainless steel plate is also a common important raw material of centrifugal fan, but it is not a raw material, but also contains a variety of unique raw materials, including martensite, austenite, metallographic structure, duplex steel, etc.

4. Rotary steam wind will also choose plastic as the key raw material, generally PP, but because the tensile strength is lower than the glass fiber reinforced plastic process, so the scope of use is small, rarely used, but because of its characteristics, can be used in the fan.

5. There are also raw materials and fiber materials for centrifugal fans, such as aluminum alloy profiles, plastic lining and glass fiber lining. Although they are rare, they also play an important role in special industries.

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