Lifting platform maintenance method

1. the platform car work must be configured with professional drivers, operators, and through special training, and passed the examination, with the certificate; According to the actual situation of the work, the above-mentioned personnel may hold concurrent positions with each other, but the concurrent personnel must have the concurrent job certificate, and be approved by the competent leader, and assume corresponding responsibilities. After the completion of construction, it is necessary to move the platform car on the site, and the professional driver should operate the platform car.

2. The driver of the flat car must start the flat car in accordance with the maintenance provisions of the machine. Before the work, the working range of the flat car should be checked to remove the obstacles that hinder the turning and walking of the flat car.

3, ouleg is an important preparation work for the operation of the platform car. The flat ground should be selected, such as soft or uneven foundation, and the wood pad must be added to confirm the force before work.

4. Generally speaking, the lower arm should be raised first, the middle arm should be raised again, and the upper arm should be raised last. In the rotary operation of the platform car, the lower arm must be raised to a certain height before the rotary process, the rotary process should be slow, pay attention to whether the distance of each arm and platform to each device meets the safety needs.

5. When working in the live area, the car body shall be grounded according to the provisions. The platform climbing operation shall be directed by the person in charge, who shall contact the platform operator according to the signal. The signal must be clear and accurate.

6. Before the operation of the platform car, the person in charge should make technical and safety disclosure to the platform car operator and all the staff participating in the work, which should include: work content and requirements; Safety precautions and danger points; Division of labor and scope of responsibility; Safety precautions and danger points; Division of labor and scope of responsibility; In addition to checking the condition of the vehicle and the work of the staff, the person in charge of the work should also be responsible for checking whether the terrain environment, takeoff and landing meet the requirements of safety technical measures or the work plan formulated in advance. If there is any discrepancy, the corresponding measures should be worked out before starting the work.

7. If there is any conflict between this regulation and the national or industrial regulations, the national or industrial regulations shall be followed.

1. Electric platform car Electric lifting platform car inverting platform car roller type platform car platform car carrier; Check the lifting platform of each contact motion pair (roller and guide rail, fork arm intermediate shaft and shaft sleeve, cylinder pin shaft and support plate, bearing and other wear.)

2. Add lubricating oil to each contact motion part.

3. Check the oil quality and oil level of hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil such as dark, sticky or gravel and other foreign bodies, should be replaced in time; After the lifting platform is fully raised, the hydraulic oil level should be higher than the mark under the oil mark.


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