Analysis of China aerial working equipment industry

China's aerial working machinery production enterprises started in the 1970s, has a history of more than 30 years. So far, the domestic high-altitude machinery manufacturers have developed from 7 or 8 at that time to more than 100, among which there are 4 joint ventures or cooperative production enterprises with foreign countries. Several industry backbone enterprises by the technical innovation of recent years, the production scale expands unceasingly, has formed a series of distinctive products, the main economic indicators of enterprises gradually rise, economic efficiency is also increased year by year, basic can satisfy domestic market requirement of small and medium-sized aerial work machinery, and some products are exported. According to the preliminary statistics of the member units of the association, the output of China's aerial work platform in 2005 was 1734, and 150 were exported. In 2006, it was 1,890 units and 290 units were exported. In 2005, 672 sets of aerial work vehicles were produced, and 20 were exported. In 2006, it was 778, 69 of which were exported. The total output value of aerial work machinery industry is 268.22 million yuan in 2005 and 326 million yuan in 2006. Output value of output in the first half of 2007, export volume was close to 2006 total. Although the development of domestic aerial work machinery in recent years is very fast, but the development of enterprises is very unbalanced, there is a big gap between enterprises, therefore, the status quo of the industry and the development of the product analysis and discussion has a very important significance.

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