Solution to the particle machine spindle shaking method

We all know that the role of the spindle in the particle machine is also significant, however, when using the particle machine, the spindle will appear jitter phenomenon, so, what is the method to solve this problem? The following is the specific method to solve the shaking of the particle machine spindle:

1. Tighten the locking screw on the main gland, and then start the machine to check whether the spindle is still shaking under inspection. If the spindle is still shaking, remove the main gland, cushion the spindle with copper rod, hit the spindle in the direction of the ring die with sledgehammer, then remove the spindle seal cover. Check whether the spindle bearing is in good condition. Generally, the clearance is too large. Remove the bearing and replace it with a new one, and then install the spindle lock in turn.

2. In the process of installing the spindle, pay attention to the square position of the inner ring of the spindle bearing, so that the spindle can be assembled in place. The distance between the end faces on both sides of the spindle and the end faces of the runner should be kept at about 10 cm. If the clearance is found to be too large, keyway fit clearance is too large, an quan pin fit clearance is too large, the above parts should be replaced. Anyway, check if the spindle of the wood pellet machine is wobbling.

3. After the granulation machine spindle is normal, the distance between the press roller and the mould should be adjusted correctly.

4. Check whether the spindle of the particle machine is tightened, first remove the oil placing system, remove the spindle gland, and check whether the Bayes spring is deformed. If the Bayes spring is flat, it's time to replace it.

When we encounter the spindle shaking of the particle machine, the staff usually check and solve the problem. If the staff can not solve the problem, we should find professional maintenance personnel to solve it, so as to bring convenience to our use.

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